Monday, September 14, 2009

Nail Noob -- Essie Fall 2009 Collection Review and Swatches

I think for fall 2009, anything goes! And Essie is covering the bases. This collection is quite groovy and interesting. It contains the subtle, pretty colors you need and expect for fall, PLUS two NEONS!! I am talking retina-searing orange (see my orange story) and hot pink.

I previously picked up the new Essie fall 2009 nail polish collection during a couple of different trips to ULTA back in August. I now have all but one of these polishes. I am not in the market for hot pink nails, or I would have gotten that one as well. I started out getting the soft brown "Mink Muffs," medium gray "Chinchilly" (which you see me wearing in my orange "look of the day."), and midnight blue/navy "Midnight Cami." The following week I added the the brownish pink "Angora Cardi" (it's too pretty to resist) and the eye searing ORANGE "Bright Tights."

Let's have a look, shall we??

First up: "Midnight Cami," a midnight blue that looks to have a bit of shimmer in the bottle. After two coats on the nail, I saw no shimmer and really considered it a navy, if a lighter navy, blue. Very good, very basic! I'll definitely like having a midnight/navy blue. But I still want a blue that is just a bit lighter and does have noticeable shimmer.

"Chinchilly" is a medium gray which I've already worn for a couple of days, when I was rocking a gray and orange combo look, mentioned above. I love this basic color, it will be another fall staple!

A light brown, "Mink Muffs" is lighter and redder than OPI's "You Don't Know Jacques." It's in the same category as "Putt-E-On-Me" from Barielle and "Prince Charming" from Orly. These polishes are all different, just not dramatically different.

"Angora Cardi" is a dark mauvish color. I read that it is supposed to be "dusty rose" or something to that effect. Perhaps---just darker and prettier than I consider a dusty rose to be. It's neutral and subtle yet provides really pretty color, for those days when a gray or putty brown just won't do!

"Bright Tights" reflects the rather unusual neon bright trend for fall. This polish is an awesome neon orange. I felt it was rather sheer, even if bright, and I tried using a thin coat of Chinchilly underneath in order to get it opaque in fewer coats. I ended up with three coats, anyway. The formula is rather thin. I have a bright neon-ish orange sweater I got when transitioning from winter to spring this year, and I a looking forward to pairing it with "Bright Tights." Yay, neon!

I totally recommend the polishes in this collection. I am liking the Essie formula, which is thin enough for a nail newbie like myself, without being too drippy most of the time. I read in Scrangie that she thought the formula for this particular Essie collection was very thin and that it pooled in the cuticles. I would have assumed I was just botching things when it pooled in the cuticle, so I found that helpful to read. Perhaps it is thinner than normal for Essie....but for the most part, I had less problem than other brands that are a bit gloppy for my skills.

I do love this collection!

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