Saturday, February 6, 2010

Background Experiment With TWE (Travels With Euridice)

I downloaded a free new background. I like having a dark background to pop out the pictures. I like the basic Blogger layout pretty well, actually, but what I really want is three columns!

UPDATE: Followed HTML editing instructions posted by the lovely Cucumpear in the comments, and I now have three columns! yay! I downloaded the background for 3 columns, and I'm good to go!

I've chosen some link colors based on the colors on the, lavender, green. It looks quite colorful, lol! I really like the design, which is both ornamental and flowery yet simple at the same time. It looks Japanese to me, like Japanese cherry blossoms. The name of the background is "Autumn Flowers" but I don't see anything very autumn-like about these flowers. They really look like early spring blooms popping out on bare winter branches.

Well, we'll see how this works.


CucumPear said...

I like your new background (though I personally prefer dark-on-light for readability), but if you want a three-column layout the dark area won't be wide enough. For all columns to be usable you need at least 800 px, though ~900 would be better (I use 250-480-250).
I used this tutorial to tweak the layout:

Euridice said...

ooh. thanks so much for this comment! Yes, this background is specifically for a two column template. I would need to download the three column size one, but I don't have a three column template. I have no idea how to edit my template, so I will be psyched to look at this tutorial you posted!!

Claudia said...

You have inspired me to update my template!!!

And cucumpear thanks for sharing that link!

Nicole said...

Aww, yay! Congrats on the three columns, I LOVE those.

Euridice said...

Thanks, Nicole! I played with a practice blog then let 'er rip on the live one. I don't know how I dealt with just 2 columns all this time!!

Claudia, very cool, changing is fun, isn't it?!

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