Sunday, February 28, 2010

Essence Purples!!


Okay, here are the other swatches I did very quickly last weekend. I also purchased about 3 additional Essence polishes, including a gold and a black, but did not try them on yet. 

Index finger to pinky: lavender ("No More Drama" 27), a shimmery medium purple ("Break Through" 26), a darker purple ("Plum Perfect" 28), and a dark pink red ("So Glamourous" 11).












So, my fellow Americans, which Essence Colour and Go polishes have YOU gotten now that ULTA is carrying Essence?? Which are your faves?!


gildedangel said...

Those are so pretty!

Lucy said...

Love those shades of purple. Good idea to show the bottle with your finger on top of it. I didn't know Ulta is selling Essence. I don't go there. I wonder if it's online. That's dangerous to know!

Euridice said...

Hi, gildedangel, I agree that these are so pretty.

Hi, Lucy, yes, ULTA is online AND they have the Essence line online as well. If you have an ULTA card that also helps matters.

Lisa Kate said...

No more drama=beautiful! I actually work across the street from Ulta but I haven't gotten a chance to pick up Essence yet...Maybe tonight during my lunch!

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