Saturday, February 27, 2010

Quick Essence Swatches: 1 Green 1 Yellow and 2 Blues!


 Y"all, I am so SORRY! I did not mean to take this long to post the rest of my quick Essence swatches. Gee, if I am going to take THIS long I might as well start over and do actual GOOD ones, lol! 

So, index to pinky, I have the yellow ("Sundancer" 23), green ("Check Me Out" 18), sparkly turquoise ("Pool Party" 17), and dark blue ("Underwater" 24).

It's time for Sundancer's close-up:


Check out "Check Me Out:"


I need to investigate the sparkliness of "Pool Party," more swatching is needed:


I love the deep, dark blue of Underwater:




I love these bright, fun colors!! Aren't they totally HOT??? 


Nicole said...

Ooh, ooh! These are some of the ones I got. You need to do a full mani with Pool Party, you'll love it!

gildedangel said...

Those are so pretty!!!

rijaH said...

I am with Nicole here.. Pool party looks great! :) And I havent even tried it :P

Skulda said...

I love these! I also love how you have them on your nails. I love making rainbow nails!

Lucy said...

These are so pretty. Green is my favorite. How many layers of polish do you use. I notice that you can see VNL with the green. I hope they cover when you use two layers of polish.

Euridice said...

Lucy, I love the green, too! I slapped on two coats, and I see the VNL on some of these as well. I'll have to report further as I play with them more.

I definitely will be exploring Pool Party more in-depth very soon!! It's super gorgeous!!

Skulda, I adore the Skittles look with these, too!! So fun with these bright colors.

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