Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Orly Ginger Lily

Okay, time to start the reveal of the Orly Bloom collection. I've warmed up to this selection of colors quite a lot from my original ambivalence. I bought four out of six colors, and Ginger Lily is the only shimmery one. Ginger Lily is a darker reddish-orange. A burnt reddish orange?

Below, again, we have Ginger Lily on my ring fingernail, with China Glaze Free Love on the middle and Cruising on the index. Phew! I was glad that I hadn't bought just another straight orange color. I was shocked to see how orange it was when I first applied it. Comparatively, though, Ginger Lily is the dark reddish orange I thought it would be.

And, here it is! Below, I think it is quite beautiful when shown indoors. The shimmer comes across as a bit of a glow.

Moving outdoors, but still in the shade, the reddish tone comes out more. It's almost a paprika color. I'm using Orly In a Snap quick drying top coat, which gave a nice gloss to the finish.

Now, moving out into the snowbank outside my back door (lol!) let's get some direct sunlight on the subject. Now the color is glowing even more paprika red. Spicy!!

There ya go! Is this a spring color?? I think it's a nice fall color, or a late summer into fall color. It's fine for winter. Spring? Well, I was surprised to see burnt orange offered by my two favorite independent handbag designers last spring 2009 (Ignes and Belen Echandia). I did see the burnt orange colors in stores for spring, though. My Ignes burnt orange bag has a golden sheen to it; it's nothing like this dark orange tinged with shimmery paprika red of Orly Ginger Lily.

That's what puzzles me about this collection from Orly. The "Bloom" colors seem more summery. Or fall. Maybe releasing it first gives you the opportunity to wear the strong, dark colors in the winter, I don't know! Orly's upcoming "Sweet" collection has lovely pastels with matching lipgloss. Perfect for early spring (on into summer). Why didn't that come out first?

Well, no matter, I'm catching onto Bloom, and I really like Ginger Lily.

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gildedangel said...

I really like that color!

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