Sunday, February 21, 2010

Essence Eye Candy!!


I was excited that German cosmetics company Essence was coming to ULTA in April, according to something I had read.  Well, I was pleased as punch to get the tweet that Essence was in ULTA stores NOW! It was at the end of a long day Friday, and I immediately shut down my laptop and ran quickly to ULTA to check it out. Well, I called first, one must be prudent even when one is being rash.

Essence makes cute, inexpensive products, and I was thrilled with the super-cute little polish bottles. They hold .16 oz. or .5 ml and come in an array of bright, hot colors. At 99 cents apiece, all except 3 or 4, skipping some pinks and maybe a red, came home with me!!

I've been playing around with these polishes: they apply very well, and the little caps have nice, flat brushes that work very well for their size. I can't wait to wear these fun, bright colors this spring and summer!!!!

Check them out at ULTA:







I have a few more that aren't pictured here, including a bright lime green that I believe is my favorite so far. I have swatches on my nails that I will be posting this week, stay tuned!!


Anonymous said...

Yikes! This is too freaky, I was just in Ulta today and picked up some Essence products. Never heard of it before, but the products were pretty cheap and looked like they were of decent quality. LOL, I just did a haul video on YT all about them.

Euridice said...

How cool is that! I must see your haul video!! I did get some other items, too, a couple of matte eyeshadows, lipglosses, etc. It's fun to have a new brand to play with!

rijaH said...

These looks like to be some nice cremes :D Cant wait to see some swatches :)

Euridice said...

Swatches are coming soon, promise! they are mostly cremes but with a couple of sparkles and maybe one shimmer. The colors are BOLD and lovely. Yay!

Allison said...

I'm excited about this news! I've picked up some of these polishes on my visits to see my Fiancee in Switzerland. Did they only have the color and go mini ones? I bought a green from their multi dimension line during Christmas. I haven't used it yet but hopefully soon.

Euridice said...

They only had the color and go mini ones. They also had some nail decals and the "stampy set" which seems to be kind of like konad. Maybe if the brand is well-received at ULTA they'll send over more cool stuff!!

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