Friday, February 12, 2010

Orly Wandering Vine--Yay!


Here is the fourth and final polish I purchased from the Orly Bloom collection: Wandering Vine. I wasn't sure what the point of this green just seemed kinda like "Enchanted Forest" from the wonderful Orly "Once Upon a time" collection of fall 2009. It was getting a lot of buzz, though---and I guess "Wandering Vine" is not as dark as Enchanted Forest. So...I went for it!

Wandering Vine is indeed a gorgeous medium dark green creme that applied wonderfully. Is it a spring color? Well, who knows! It's definitely great for summer and on into fall until it's time to go darker and more forest green. 

Okay, let's start on the porch with a shade picture then out into the sunlight!






Is this polish a dupe for the gorgeous, luminous Rescue Beauty Lounge Recycle? Well, I am fortunate enough to own "Recycle." Hmmm....not to be a tease, but I just might want to post something on that very topic!! :-P


gildedangel said...

That is so pretty!

rijaH said...

That one is great :) Wonder how similar it is to the Enchanted forest color?

Euridice said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies! :-)

It is quite similar to Enchanted Forest but not as dark. I did take some pictures of both and will try to post that later today. If you love dark green, they are both worth having. If you like dark green, but not TOO dark, then Wandering Vine is a great option IMHO.

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