Sunday, February 7, 2010

Orly Bloom: From Rocky Relationship to Bliss

My relationship with Orly's "Bloom" collection got off to an iffy start. I wasn't sure if I really wanted any of these polishes. They looked pretty in the pictures, but not really compelling. I don't know, maybe they were too...dark?? Or they didn't look pretty together?

Well, fastforward a bit. I chose a few of them in ULTA. Wandering Vine, the green, was getting good buzz. There was a purple that seemed nice. The Petunia Pink was pretty....and the Ginger Lily was kind of interesting. Okay, I'd give these a try!

When I returned home and started taking items out of my bag, I pulled out what looked like a black Orly. Uh, what? was the nice purple from the store, looking super dark in my house!! Wha'?!

Then I brushed the Ginger Lily on a nail. Oh noes! It was a dark shimmery orange. Just like the ones I already have my China Glaze!! ACCKK!!

Well, I went to work investigating, as I always do, and I was thrilled to realize that while Ginger Lily is indeed a burnt orange color, it is darker and redder than my current CG oranges. Yay! I was hoping it was a reddish orange shimmer. Below are China Glaze Cruising and Free Love on my index and middle fingers, with Ginger Lily on the ring finger.

Phew! Well, I have been working on swatching these 4 polishes, and they are all growing on me big-time. They apply wonderfully, and of course the famous rubber cap is comfy to use. My swatching is showing them to be quite pretty colors. I have a series o' swatch posts coming right up!

Left to right, below: Ginger Lily, Wild Wisteria, and Pure Petunia.


Brooke said...

I adore Pure Petunia - it's a really great shade. :)

Euridice said...

I like it, too, after trying it on today. I'm still sorting through my pictures but will post about Pure Petunia this week!!

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