Saturday, February 6, 2010

Essie Spring 2010 Four Pack o' Minis

It's high time that I continued my reveal of the Essie Art of Spring collection. I've tried out New Whimsical, a milky lavender-pink, and Van d'Go, a milky salmon-y peach. Now for the minis in the cute four-pack. I've already bemoaned that they didn't just give you a six pack of Essie minis, since it seems the packaging was the right size and could have accommodated it.

So, first let's take a look at the collection altogether. We have the icy, milky pink/cool-toned shades. Left to right: Lilacism, Neo Whimsical, and Pop Art Pink.

Then we have the peachy/warm shades. Left to right: Tart Deco, Van d'Go, and Red Nouveau.

Look how nicely they coordinate with the cover of this gardening magazine. Pretty!

Below, on the index finger = Red Nouveau; On the middle finger = Tart Deco. I rather like these colors the best in the collection. Perhaps because they are actually COLORS, not the milky, streaky pale barely there colors. Essie's blog shows a nice picture of a coral red, not the same but very close to Red Nouveau here, from the Philip Lim runway. I see the inspiration for this polish color!

Now let's go outside and get some light on the subject. Here with the cute box (and see how I coordinated my nails to the colors on the box? Unh-huh, clever, right!)

Index = Red Nouveau, Middle = Tart Deco, Ring = Lilacism, Pinky = Pop Art Pink.


Lilacism is the palest, milky lavender---pretty! Pop Art Pink is a super pale pink---also very pretty. (I wonder if Pop Art Pink is my Mannequin Hand color? The term "Mannequin Hands" refers to nails the same color as one's skin tone, kind of like a mannequin. I think you need a nude tone with some tan in it, but it does seem that this pink blends nicely with my hand. I do admit that I have pale skin, so why not a milky pink tone for my Mannequin hand nails? I'll have to look into that and compare with some actual nudes.)

Now, some shadier shots, including the one at the beginning of this post.

Aw, my snow shot was rather messed up, below, by the shade and shadows.

Below, bringing back Van d'Go on the thumbnail, the three peachy colors:

This collection was inspired by colors of spring fashion. The colors are certainly pretty, and some are even interesting. I think I am not as thrilled with Essie's spring 2010 offering as I was with the fall 2009, with its full-on colors including a couple of surprise neons. However, I do think the spring 2010 collection is quintessentially Essie, and I know I'll be wearing some of these colors if not all this spring!!

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gildedangel said...

Those are lovely colors!

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