Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Barielle Discount Through Feb. 14

Ooh, I love this hot yellow and hot pink color conbo!

No, this isn't an advertisement. I'm not getting anything from Barielle. I just wanted to post a reminder that if you spend $60 at Barielle.com, you get 15% off and free shipping. Not bad!

Also, the six new shades for spring are posted on the site. I went to take advantange of the sale last week because I desperately need more polish remover (I HEART Barielle's acetone-free remover pads...the BEST, Jerry, the BEST!) but I didn't really need $60 worth, and they did not have the new spring shades up. I happened to check today, and they are indeed up!!

Yay, I got four Love Your Nails remover pads and all 6 shades. Hang on nails, help is on the way!!

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