Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hands of Hope, Continued: BB Couture Cap-Haïtien

Gee, what to post, what to post....continue with the Essie Art of Spring collection that I had started? Or continue with my BB Couture Hands of Hope that I had sort of started. That's a toughie!

Okay, I can't resist, I'm continuing with the Hands of Hope Cap-Haï's PURPLE!! Not a pastel but a lovely light to medium purple. I heart this pretty polish!

Here are some pics of Cap-Haïtien on my ring and pinky nails, outside, late afternoon sun:

Ha ha, you can see the snow! And a peak at my Essie Tart Deco on the middle finger. Time was in short supply, so I didn't do full hand swatches.

The formula is thin as I reported on this collection, in general. I didn't have problems, though, and I didn't have the streaky, spotty coverage that I did in the paler colors in this set. Smooth sailing!

Cap-Haïtien is a city on the north coast of Haiti. I don't know what that has to do with this beautiful purple. The mountains to the west? The color of some of the French buildings? Flowers? If you know, post a comment!


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