Monday, February 8, 2010

I Haz a Mad---About OPI Mad As a Hatter!

I couldn't find the OPI "Alice in Wonderland" glitters at my local ULTA, so I had to take matters into my own hands and order them from Victoria Nail Supply as part of my recent VNL binge.

Boy, am I glad I did! These two glitters---Mad as a Hatter and Absolutely Alice---are phenomenal. Glitter can be incorporated into a nail polish in all kinds of different ways. My favorite is a nail polish that IS GLITTER, and that goes on opaque by two coats in order to encrust the whole nail in glitter. The effect is like doing a childhood craft project with glue, glitter, and shaking....voila! Only in this case the effect is sophisticated and awesome. (nothing against the construction paper with glue and glitter designs, of course).

These glitters are definitely in this category. Mad as a Hatter has rather fine glitter that is opaque in two coats---with perhaps a bit of touch up needed to even things up. The glitter color is predominantly silver, followed by purple, then equal amounts of green, blue, red and yellow. Smashing! The idea is quite similar to Deborah Lippman's "Happy Birthday" which has a larger glitter and does not go on completely opaque. "Mad As a Hatter" forms a smooth glitter surface with a bit of fine grit to the touch; just top it off with a good topcoat for a smooth, slick surface.

Look at these colors!

The silver in this polish makes it very shiny and reflective in addition to the sparkle. Check it out in the sunlight!

A shade shot on my back porch.

Some indoor shots.

The Mad Hatter's tea party requires some nice teacups---so I took a shot with my jumbo, oversized Spode cup for a touch of madness.

OPI Alice in Wonderland is rather an odd little collection. It contains two fabulous glitters, the blue Absolutely Alice and the multi Mad as a Hatter shown in this post; joining the glitters are yet two more OPI REDS! Why red? Two of them? They might very well be lovely reds, but after a large holiday 2009 collection that was half reds....well, I would have thought Alice in Wonderland could have two additional super-creative polishes instead. In the meantime, if you like glitter polish, the Alice glitters from OPI are definitely must-haves.


Gina (Prim and Polished) said...

I love this one. Not fun to remove but gorgeous!

gildedangel said...

That is a beautiful color, I need that polish!

Euridice said...

@Gina, lol! yes a crust of smooth glitter is not fun to remove, and I had glitter all over my hands after! It's worth it, though.

@gildedangel, I agree you need to get this!! I got really carried away taking pictures of its beauty!!

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