Friday, September 18, 2009

Bummed about Prescriptives!

After being in an all-day meeting yesterday, I came home and got the news that Estee Lauder is shutting down the Prescriptives brand.


I just blogged about the Prescriptives fall eyeshadow palettes and gushed about how great Prescriptives is. Deep inside, I think I sensed something like this might happen. It's remained an awesome brand, but I didn't think it was getting the attention it deserved. You can't find it as readily as some other department store brands. It doesn't seem to have the buzz.

I don't know if Estee Lauder is closing Prescriptives because they do not want it to compete with the myriad other brands they have....specifically any that focus on color. The tweets I am seeing focus on their Line Preventer but also other great skincare classics, as well as their signature fragrance, Calyx, which I have worn before. All I know is that I am a blue-red, and without Prescriptives I don't know if I will ever be able to confidently choose a natural, matching foundation ever again. It's a personal blow for me.

I do know that I will be heading to the department stores to try to stock up on foundations. Anyone reading this, help! How long will I be able to store unopened foundation? Will it help to put it in the refrigerator??

I might even pick up some Calyx for old times' sake. Sniff.

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