Thursday, September 24, 2009

Goldie Glitter Nails: China Glaze "Cleopatra"

Next up on the China Glaze glitter train is "Cleopatra," which features fine yellow gold glitter in a clear base. Let's get down to it!

Two coats plus some extra touch-ups with just Cleopatra and Seche Vite top coat = a fine crust of shiny sparkly golden goodness.

This glitter reflects some colors but otherwise gives off mostly gold sparkle. It goes on with fairly good coverage, and I was able to bling out solid glitter coverage with two to three coats. I wanted to see how it worked as a topcoat, since I won't necessarily be wanting to wear a crust of gold glitter all the time---always good to have multiple uses, don't you know!

The issue with this glitter, though, is that the glitter is packed in densely and thickly, so I wouldn't want to just put a crust of glitter over another color and cover it completely. I used it over Essie's "Wrapped in Rubies," a red with some warm golden shimmer to it. My thumbnail, below, shows pretty dense coverage but one can still tell it has the dark red underneath.

With a deft hand, I thought that one could skim the brush quickly and gently to make a more sprinkled look, as shown on my index finger, below.

I like this gold, sparkly Cleopatra, particularly that it sparkles mostly gold and is a finer glitter. I give it, on a scale of 1 (No!) to 5 (Yay!), a Euridice Yay! 5 whole points, along with its collection-mate reviewed yesterday, gorgey dark blue-green Atlantis.

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