Sunday, September 13, 2009

Euridice-Beauty: Drugstore Finds and Reviews

Drugstore makeup can be such a pain. Quality can be iffy (ever bought cheap eyeshadow only to have it crumble immediately?). Worse of all is the inability to try it on from testers to see if the colors actually work. Yet, the price is right, not only in the current economy---why wouldn't anyone ever not want to take advantage of reasonably priced makeup? If only one knew what to buy, that is.

One can find reviews of HIP Duos from beauty bloggers and YouTube beauty "gurus." Pictures and tutorials using different products, including drugstore, can be immensely helpful. I am starting an Euridice-Beauty series aimed at sharing the drugstore products that I own or have experience with in order to add to the blogger knowledgebase. I hope that I can save someone from buying items that I found to be disappointing, but recommend the items that I found success with!


Elizabeth said...

Good topic! Have you tried the NYC liners? Those are $1 and are huge. They work pretty well but aren't as soft as other liners for application. Ulta's liners are drug store priced and are pretty nice too. I don't buy expensive mascara (think they are all pretty much the same), unless it is on sale. My favorite mascara is Tarte (well, pretty much all the makeup I wear is by Tarte) and they do a friends and family sale twice a year w/ a 40% off code. It brings their mascaras down to drug store price!

Euridice said...

Thanks, Elizabeth! No, I haven't, but I have some other drugstore liners I'm planning to write about. Thanks for the tip on Tarte! Ha! You might have to write a guest entry on that some time. :-D

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