Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wow, I'm on Par with Marc Jacobs!!

As a total nail polish newbie, I've been building my nail polish collection from scratch. When I saw the fall 2009 OPI collection, I thought the colors were all pretty, but I did not really feel much interest. Except...well, I kind of was attracted to "Barefoot in Barcelona." This color is a pinkish brown nude, and I thought it would be an interesting neutral and a nice shade to have amongst all the greens, purples, and oranges I was amassing.

I then read some posts in beauty blogs that did not give the color much love---one even called "Barefoot in Barcelona" the color of a "bandaid."

Well, nude nails are in, and I just read on Bella Sugar yesterday that Marc Jacobs himself selected four pale OPI shades for his spring 2010 runway show. Hmm, I thought...could it be? Well, yes! One of the four shades was indeed "Barefoot in Barcelona!" Woo hoo, that must make me a fashion genius just like Marc Jacobs! Well, okay, but I still thought that was cool he hand-picked an OPI that I, too, had selected.

We're not just seeing this and other pale shades for spring 2010. I read how nude colors are being spotted on celebrities' toes in Glamour Beauty a few weeks ago. OPI's "Barefoot in Barcelona" seems a good choice, with enough brown in it to wear this fall but still nude enough to embrace the trend. And, how cool I am already in style for spring!!

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