Friday, September 25, 2009

China Glaze Glacier: It's Like Opals For Your Nails!

All of the new China Glitters are great, and Atlantis may well be the most beautiful, but I have to admit my favorite is "Glacier," a sheer, milky white polish containing fine pastel glitter. Since getting this polish, I have been playing around with different combinations. My favorite was a coat or two of Glacier over China Glaze's "For Audrey," a pretty pale robin's egg blue.

Glacier reminds me of an opal ring I used to have; the opal was white, smooth and oval with pretty pastel flashes twinkling up through the white surface. I have become obsessed with creating nails that each look just like that opal! Which means: trying Glacier over a pure white, and this week I grabbed China Glaze "Moonlight."

Ta Da!

Awesome! Well, the concept is great, but the execution does need a little work. To get the white to be opaque, I ended up putting THREE coats of the Moonlight on, then a coat of Glacier. While the effect on the surface was exactly right, the polish itself was way THICK. Like globs of glue!! Ha ha!

Ack! But look at that pretty, tiny multi-colored pastel glitter against the opaque white! Perfection! In person, it gives off subtle flashes of color, just like a lovely opal. Just in time for October!!

When my fingers were shaded from the light I was able to capture the opal-like sparkle with my camera.

Perhaps I can get away with just one or two coats of Moonlight, or perhaps I need to find a white that goes on opaque to begin with. In the meantime, I just LOVE Glacier, both as a topcoat over white or a light color, or as a coating of sheer opalescence over a bare nail. On a 1 to 5 scale this polish is a Euridice YAY 5 points!! Keep those glitters coming, China Glaze!!

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