Wednesday, September 23, 2009

China Glaze Atlantis and Sally Beauty Glitter Haul!!

The other evening, I found myself in the area of a shopping center that has a Sally Beauty Supply. Well, time to check out the China Glaze glitters I had been reading about!

The shop had a display of China Glaze glitters and chromes, and I just decided, in my new-found glitter frenzy, to just say yes---to all of them!! I also picked up China Glaze "All About Audrey" (a robin egg blue I was on the lookout for), "Watermelon Rind" (an intense dark teal green shimmer I fell for on the spot), and "Shower Together" (a turquoise creme).

The China Glaze glitters are:

Atlantis: a teal green base choked with multicolor glitter
Nova: shiny silver glitter reflecting in multicolors
Dreamsicle: A bright, orange creme containing some multicolor glitter
Cleopatra: fine yellow gold glitter reflecting mostly gold and some colors like green and blue
Medallion: a green-tone gold (I've also seen it called titanium) glitter reflecting flashes of multi colors
Glacier: liquid opal. A cloudy white base with some multicolor glitter


Twenty-four K: Yellow-gold metallic
In Awe of Amber: Coppery metallic

Atlantis is easily the stand-out of this subset of China Glaze glitters.

The base color is sheer and is close in color to China Glaze "Watermelon Rind." The first coat is sheer and streaky, but looks great on the second coat. I needed to give my index finger a third coat.

Look at that glittery goodness!

The glitter seems to just sit on top of the nail surface and bling out like there's no tomorrow! The surface is fairly smooth but with just a little roughness from the glitter. The sparkle against the darker green background is just craziness!!!! It's fabulous. I'm considering whether, with the darker overall color, wearing it with matching clothing....even with the bling and the multicolor sparkle, can this be part of my envisioned neutral glitter polish with work-casual look?

When inside and not getting direct light, one doesn't see the sparkle, just the green with tiny speckles. My pictures do not begin to capture the bling of when light is hitting it, though!

I also found that outside out of the direct sunlight, you can see the sheerness of the base color, and the glitter is like raised speckles. A very interesting perspective on this blingy, colorful glitter!

Finally, I put a coat of Essie's Matte About You to see what the polish looks like when mattified. Basically, it was smoothed out and dark green with white speckles. I didn't think it was very interesting, since the sparkle and color were muted at this point.

So, it seems a dark sheer color can really rock its glitter, whereas thick, opaque colors can't? Case in point, the glitter not showing through on "Gaudy Yellow" Milani and the "Sparkling Blue" Milani (the sparkle did look good on the darker surface, though). I'm on the lookout for other China Glaze glitters that feature the darker, sheerer colors. I know I want to try "Ginger" as showcased by Body and Soul.

I have read of 50 glitters, although some accounts say 50 polishes, many of which are glitters, in this China Glaze collection. I can't find much comprehensive information on the Web, and the online stores don't seem to have a lot of description. I want a list of all of them with descriptions. Please feel free to point me to the general information! I would love to see some metallic brown glitter, or some more polishes in darker colors formulated just like Atlantis.


Elizabeth said...

The glitter polishes are really neat! You might like the OMG! polishes too by CG. They are older and can be harder to find, but are holographic polishes and look so cool in different light.

Euridice said...

I have heard of those but didn't know exactly what they are....they sounds awesome and I'll have to be on the lookout, thanks!

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