Friday, September 25, 2009

China Glaze "Nova" Blings On the Glitter!

This look is fit for a baton twirler wearing silver sequins. Or perhaps the finishing touch for a spectacularly festive New Year's Eve outfit. Any festive winter celebration will do, but best with fireworks and strings of holidays lights to take extra advantage of the high voltage of this nail polish.

At any rate, "Nova" is a spectacular polish with a clear base and gobs of silvery glitter reflecting all different colors. Ooo wee!!

This is what I'm TALKING about! Pure glitter goodness!! A crust of bling on the nails, as it were. No wussy shimmer or polish with a little glitter in it. Hee, hee! I achieved this look with two to three coats, dabbing glitter into areas where I didn't get even coverage.

Please excuse my increasingly raggedy cuticles! As more acetone goes on, the more the hangnails form in front of my very eyes.

This glitter has at least two sizes to it. I also experimented with using it as a topcoat, the results of which will be a second part to this post. Stay tuned! Glitter week is continuing throughout the weekend!

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