Thursday, September 3, 2009

Say My Name!

Hello. My name is Euridice, and I'm a shopaholic. Or, should I say shopaHAULic. 'Cause getting a bunch at once is my style. But I digress. (wow, already?! that was pretty early in the post! But then, shopping will do that to me.)

So, back to the purpose of this post: my name. I am named after a character in Baroque opera (for example, the Monteverdi opera "Orfeo"). The opera is Italian, so spelling of my name is Italian. The character is, of course, in classical mythology, commonly spelled "Eurydice," while Orfeo is, of course, "Orpheus." I'm the chick that Orpheus was able to bail out of Hades with only one instruction, don't look back to make sure Eurydice is following behind you. Of course, he was going along, and just couldn't stand it, looked behind him, and she was there....then she was not. Oh noes!!

My name is pronounced "ur-RID-ih-chee." Before you say, "hey, wait, that's not how you pronounce that!", I will explain: I decide how my name is pronounced, not you! Hee, hee. This situation is akin to persons with names that are spelled unusually or untraditionally, and you just pronounce it the way they tell you to.

The Italian version would be something like "oy-reh-DEE-cheh." My Americanized version of Italian would be something like "yur-reh-DEE-cheh." Generally, I just slack off and go with a completely split pronunciation: "yur-RID-ih-chee." Still some Italian in there. So, "yur-ri-DEE-cheh" is fine, or "yur-RID-eh-chee."

ETA: I should mention that my understanding of the pronunciation for Eurydice is: "yur-ID-ih-see." That would be the Greek version!

So pleased to meet you! :-)

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