Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nail Noob: MAC "Cool Reserve" in Action

Well, in last Monday's look I sported my Essie Chinchilly" gray nails with my blue and gray outfit, orange handbag and shawl, and orange and gray eye look. Fun! The gray nails went nicely with a black top with a pattern of gray and white dots on Tuesday, then I switched it up to OPI "Do You Lilac It?" on Wednesday. I pulled the purple from the print of my black floral top, added my pearl rope and a Juicy Couture bracelet featuring flower blooms ('cause during the September transition, flowers are still blooming like crazy!). Love this pretty lilac nail color!

Just adding a couple of pictures I took when I bought the JC bracelet this past spring, to show it on the wrist and how the flowers are actually a heart-shaped clasp!! Love!

After stopping to pick up a prescription on Thursday evening, I took off the lilac to play around with some fun polishes I picked up from Wet 'n' Wild and Milani. I had to decide, therefore, what to wear for the weekend, including traveling on Friday to visit my family. Since I was going to stick with my Belen Echandia orange handbag, I finally settled on my orange nail color find, the OPI "In my Back Pocket." It had seemed a little harder for me to apply, but hey! I had a quick drying top coat now.

Well, it came out kind of gloppy and not a very good application. It was decent, but not something I was really proud of. Great bright orange color, but just so gloppy to apply! A little challenging for this nail newbie. So, yesterday, Saturday, I got ready for a day of college football by switching to my new MAC "Cool Reserve," the awesome FW 2009 Nail Trend color that mixes gray and lavender.

Thus, time for a report and a review of how the nail wears in real life!! This one is a definite "Euridice YAY!" It applied so nicely and looked great in two coats. The gray is subtle and neutral, but the lavender gives it a bit of color. The really cool thing about this nail color is that the gray and lavender can give off a kind of muddy look. At times my nails look purpley gray or grayish purple, but also a kind of putty shade, depending on the lighting. Fascinating!!

I tried to capture the look of this nail color. Below are pictures taken inside but with lots of natural light coming in. I tried to take different angles from the light. Gee, my cuticles and skin need some work, eek!

Well, let me snap a few more in the evening indoor, not in any direct light source. Maybe this will show the taupe-ness that I am noticing.

Yay!! Very pleased with this nail polish, and looking forward to wearing it this fall with dusty lilac handbags!!


Elizabeth said...

That is really pretty! I love grayish/taupe/lavender shades. How does the MAC polish wear?

Euridice said...

Hi! Thanks for posting a comment (my first one, yay!).

I wore this from Sat through Wed and it was just fine. This is my first MAC polish, so I don't have a track record to share, just so far, so good!!

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