Tuesday, September 29, 2009

China Glaze and Wet 'n' Wild Dupe!

I posted pics yesterday asking which nail was different. This hand is wearing China Glaze "Free Love" on all but the middle finger, which is adorned with Wet 'n' Wild "Inferno." When I bought my Wet 'n' Wild Craze polishes, I thought the orange did look similar to what I already had. They are very, very similar, and in the inside lighting, I could not tell them apart! I would assume they look similar outside as well, but I would need to test that empirically like the good nail scientist I would like to be.

I also like the way that Wet 'n' Wild applies a bit better than China Glaze, which also goes on well.

If you're interested in this color, and can locate the Craze polishes in your drugstore or other location where Wet 'n' Wild is sold, then I can recommend "Inferno" as a drugstore dupe to "Free Love." Craze polishes sell for around $1.99 each!

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