Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Got Four Minutes of My Life Back! Bananas!!

In celebration of getting to see last week's AND this week's Runway tonight, I am watching the first episode of this season's Rachel Zoe Project. As I start watching, I am thinking, I don't remember this! Then I realize: the first 4 minutes that didn't record last week! I blogged about that, and I have forgotten completely, lol!! That helps set the stage.

Watching the Golden Globes gowns coming down the red carpet, I am just completely ga-ga all over again! What a fun show and guilty pleasure!

I am fascinated in general with stylists and styling. I learned the role of styling when first watching Project Runway, and hearing the judges talk about how well a look is styled (or not).

I think that reading about top stylists in magazines and getting their take on things is really interesting. While one can go on and on about different celebrities' styles all one wants, the real story is that someone who really knows what he or she is doing is working hard to find the right look or style for that client.

It's interesting to see celebrities like Nicole Richie bringing out their own lines of jewelry and clothes, and being admired for their styles. In reality, Rachel Zoe worked with Nicole Richie over a time period to help her develop that style! I find the whole process of searching for the perfect gown and look for each individual client really fascinating on "The Rachel Zoe Project." While I am not sure I really think there needs to be a "Rachel Zoe brand," one cannot help but admit that she knows what she's doing and is very successful at it.

In the meantime, thinking about one's own style and self-expression, and "styling one's self," is a real-life take-away from the glitz and glamour that is presented on the show.

Now, I am going to go watch episode two of Project Runway----finally!!

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