Monday, September 14, 2009

Nail Noob - - ULTA Haul, Y'all! September Edition

(Sunday, September 13, 2009) After a busy morning of trying to photograph my eye with HIP Duo eyeshadows for my upcoming magnum opus, I ran out for a bagel and to pick up a couple of things. I then was planning to make myself do some yardwork. It was warm and sunny, definitely not as cool as it had been but still pleasant enough. A fabulous day, in short. A nice day to go for a drive (or, rather, to take a shortcut through the country and get a bit off track, but who is monitoring these things?).

Well, I ended up at the plant nursery doing some unplanned research for possible fall perennial planting, then I got an inspiration!! Go to ULTA!! I was close by, and I wanted to pick up my Orly "Mirror Mirror" which I managed not to buy when I got the rest of the Orly fall collection.

Um, I am now announcing a haul, and, no, "Mirror Mirror" nail polish does not constitute a "haul." You see, ULTA did not have it. Argh! But, they did have an Essie buy 2 get 1 free. Well, naturally I NEEDED to take advantage of this opportunity. Because, well, there were plenty of gorgeous Essie polishes, and I ended up getting six---all shimmery and divine. I spotted a China Glaze that seemed to be a garnet version of "Ruby Pumps" as well as a turquoise, which I needed, natch.

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark was on my agenda, as was OPI "Russian Navy," and I brought them home. The China Glaze and Essie were completely unplanned buys. But essential building blocks in my color collection, nevertheless! Ahem.

From left to right:

Essie "Over the Top," a metallic dark pewter; "Sexy Divide," a shimmery deep purple; "It's Genius," a shimmery pinky purpley color (not sure how to describe it!); "After Sex," a shimmery pinky red color; "Wrapped in Rubies," a bronzey red color; and "Tea and Crumpets," a shimmery nude (my nod to the huge selection of pale pinks and nudes from Essie). Woo hoo!! They are all astoundingly pretty!! So irridescent, so shimmery, so gorgey!

In the back where you can't really see are the two aforementioned OPIs, China Glaze "Aqua Baby," which is not aqua but a deep turquoise, and "Stroll," the dark red glitter.

I also picked up some much-needed Almay eye-makeup remover, so it was a very responsible stop to make on my afternoon outing. But I had to come home afterwards since I didn't have money left for the stuff I originally intended to get. Oh well!! A Nail Newbie must make sacrifices to get to the top of her game. Um. Yeah.

I can't wait to try them and do a reveal right here on "Travels with Euridice." This is coming soon!!

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